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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry. Providing the most natural tooth replacement in terms of appearance, 0192325001552685553.jpgfunction, longevity and maintenance of jaw bone integrity, dental implants can't be equaled. Your dentist, Dr. Adriana Torena, is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, and she places scores of these amazing devices at Allure Dental Group in Bridgeport, CT. She can tell you all about their numerous benefits.

Why receive a dental implant?

Tooth loss truly is devastating. Dear Doctor enumerates the many consequences of smile gaps which include:

  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Jaw bone and gum deterioration
  • Premature facial aging due to bone loss
  • Misalignment of teeth adjoining the smile gap
  • Poor speech and impaired biting and chewing

Dental implants change all that because these artificial teeth actually live in and are anchored by the jaw bone itself. If your Bridgeport, CT, dentist determines you are healthy enough and have sufficient bone in your jaw to receive dental implants, you can anticipate a comfortable procedure and long-lasting results.

A single-tooth implant has a titanium metal screw (located in the jaw), a metal abutment and a porcelain crown. For loss of several or all teeth, Dr. Torena may propose multiple implants to support a bridge or denture.

Either way, your jaw bone will strengthen and stabilize through osseointegration. Basically, osseointegration means your jaw bone will adhere to, or integrate with, the titanium implant or implants much the same way a natural tooth root and periodontal ligament anchors a real tooth.

Benefits of dental implants

Through meticulous examination and special scanning techniques, Dr. Torena can determine if you are qualified for tooth replacement with dental implants. If you are, you'll enjoy many benefits for years, including:

  • Preservation of gum tissue and the alveolar ridge, the thickened part of the jaw which holds your teeth in place
  • Normal speech, chewing and biting, along with the ability to fully taste and enjoy your favorite foods
  • A comfortable, in-office procedure completed in its entirety by your dentist, Dr. Torena
  • Most implant treatments performed with locally-injected anesthetic
  • Ease of oral hygiene (no dealing with removable prosthetics, messy adhesives, or bedside denture soaks)
  • Superior smile appearance
  • Longevity (The American Academy of Implant Dentistry says dental implants last indefinitely.)
  • A youthful facial appearance and flawless smile (there are no clasps or crowns)

Would you like to know more about dental implants?

Dr. Adriana Torena would love to tell you the whole story. So, why not arrange your dental implant consultation at Allure Dental Group in Bridgeport, CT, by calling (203) 368-9016!


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