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Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

You hear a loud crack as you bite down. That back tooth has been filled again and again over the years, and now it has0402609001544736874.jpg broken. Must it be extracted or can your dentist, Dr. Adriana Torena, restore it? At Allure Dental Group in Bridgeport, CT, our dental crowns restore teeth that are failing out due to decay, accident, and weakened structure. Our porcelain crowns cover and protect, allowing teeth to look and function as nature intended!

What is a dental crown?

Today's dental crowns are fashioned from beautiful porcelain. Tooth-colored and strong, ceramic crowns mimic natural dental structure, normalize biting, chewing, and speech, and protect the remaining healthy tooth structure above the gum line.

Also called dental caps, crowns accurately fill the space between adjoining teeth and close together, or occlude, with the opposite arch of teeth—a feat made possible through oral impressions and digital imaging at Allure Dental Group. Dr. Adriana Torena carefully reshapes the tooth to accept the crown and bonds it in place using a curing light and permanent adhesive.

Other uses for dental crowns

Dentists also use dental crowns to:

  • Cover and protect teeth restored with root canal therapy
  • Anchor single or multi-tooth bridgework
  • Restore dental implants,
  • Cover oddly shaped teeth

In short, the dental crown is highly versatile and improves both oral health and smile aesthetics.

Is a crown right for you?

Dr. Torena will help you make that determination. Of course, restoration of a failing tooth is always preferable to extraction if conditions are favorable. Dear Doctor magazine cites bone and gum resorption (shrinkage) as one of the most devastating side effects of removing teeth.

X-rays and visual inspection will tell your dentist how much healthy structure is left and whether or not you need a root canal treatment to remove damaged pulp from the tooth's interior. She also can tell if a tooth is beyond repair and needs to be removed and replaced.

The procedure

If a crown is best, count on a comfortable treatment. You'll need local anesthetic as the dentist removes the cracked enamel and old fillings. You'll wear a temporary cap while you wait for the permanent crown to be customized at the dental lab.

On your return visit to Allure Dental Group's Bridgeport office, Dr. Torena will remove the temporary crown and bond the new one in place. Some simple adjustments ensure a good fit and bite. If you carefully brush and floss around your crown and get your semi-annual check-ups and cleanings, your crown should last for at least a decade or even longer.

A complete smile

Dental crowns can provide it. Take that damaged tooth to Allure Dental Group right away for an evaluation and treatment. We specialize in beautiful, functional smiles that last! Call the Bridgeport team at (203) 368-9016. 


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